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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the silent auction and the live auction?

There is a silent auction that starts at 6 PM and a live auction that starts at 9 PM.

Over eight hundred items will be displayed throughout the event hall for guests to bid on while they enjoy food and drinks. The bidding is done by walking around and writing your bidder number on each item's bid sheet (details below). This is the "silent auction".

At 9 PM, there is a thrilling event where ten special items, usually of high value, will be auctioned off by an auctioneer on stage (e.g. "Going once, going twice, SOLD!"). This is the "live auction".

How do I purchase silent auction items?

  1. Upon arrival, each person will be given a “bidder” number
  2. A bid sheet will be attached to each item
  3. To bid on an item, write your bidder number on the bid sheet next to the amount of your bid
  4. You may bid on any item as often as you wish in order to win the item
  5. If your bid is the highest bid when the table closes, then you are the winner!

How much time do I have to bid?

Silent auction begins at 6 PM and starts closing at 8:15 PM. Live auction begins 9 PM and ends 9:45 PM.

How do I purchase live auction items?

To bid on live auction items, raise your bidder number (usually your auction program) during the live auction to place your bid. The auctioneer will call out bids as they are placed and the highest bidder on a particular item is considered the winner.

So many items and so little time! How can I increase my chances of winning in the silent auction?

Listen for table closings. Tables will close one or two at a time, in order, starting at 8:15 PM. The auctioneer will make announcements and give a count-down as each table closes. If there's an item that you are particularly keen on, stay near so you can make that final bid before the table is closed. Once a table is closed there will be no more bidding on that table.

What if I can't stay till check-out at 10 PM?

If you are not able to stay for check-out at 10 PM, ask a friend to check out for you. Just give them your bidder number and a check (made out to Glenridge Cooperative Nursery School), and they can fill in your total payment amount and then get your items for you.

What kinds of items are sold at the auction?

Most of the items are donated by businesses like restaurants, museums, hotels etc to support our school. There are strictly no used items with the exception of vintage, antique or repurposed items. The auction also features lovingly handcrafted items, and special items such as Glenridge Gatherings and The Gravy Train. Glenridge Gatherings are fun, exclusive events hosted by Glenridge families. The Gravy Train features a series of home-cooked meals prepared by Glenridge families, each delivered to the home of one lucky auction winner.

In past years, what kinds of deals have people snagged at the auction?

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